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Joshua 'Josh' Baskin played by Tom Hanks and David Moscow

Josh represents every kid that wishes to experience the joys of adulthood without the responsibilities. At a carnival he finds a fortune wishing machine named Zoltar. He deposits his money and places the simple wish to be big. He awakens big the next day and is forced into the adult world. Josh soon gets a job at a toy company and makes a new batch of adult friends. Along with his old time friend Billy he tries to make the best of the adult world. Josh pretends that he himself in older form kidnapped young Josh so that he can have a way to communicate with his mom who won't believe Josh's predicament. Josh befriends the head of the toy company he is working from and soon is involved in important decisions. Josh while a child at heart does fairly well in the adult world before he finds a Zoltar machine and wishes himself back into the world of being a kid.

Billy played by Jared Rushton

Billy is Josh's childhood friend. When Josh becomes big he tells Billy is the only one that believes him. Billy enjoys hanging around Josh in the adult world but becomes jealous at all the new attentions and responsibilities that Josh has to attend to.

Susan played by Elizabeth Perkins

Susan is a coworker at the toy company Josh starts to work for. Susan's claim to fame in the movie is when she agrees to sleepover at Josh's place but Josh insists only if he gets to be on top. Josh of course means the top bunk but Susan had hoped for something more animalistic. Susan enjoys Josh's carefree nature and stupid tuxedo that he wears to a formal gathering and is eager to defend Josh at work. Susan in short is the professional office skank trying to get with the new guy, Josh. She is a tigress on the prowl.

Scott Brenner played by Jon Lovitz

This is one of Josh's coworkers at the toy company. His big contribution to the film is telling Josh about a redhead from accounting that can wrap her legs really tight around you if she wishes to. Josh reveals his naivety by responding that "I'll be sure to stay away from her."

Critical Coworker

This guy is suspicous of Josh and all of his enthusiasm. He really doesen't understand how Josh has become so close with MacMillan the toy company boss in such a short period of time. This guy makes it his mission to try to undermine Josh.

MacMillan played by Robert Loggia

Mr. MacMillan is Josh's boss at the toy company. Josh goes from working a minor data entry type job to sitting in on planning sessions for new toys mainly because of how well he got along with Mr. MacMillan. In the picture at the left Josh is seen playing the piano on a lifesize foot piano. MacMillan tells his other workers that they should try to be more like Josh; but in reality MacMillan really just covets the youthful vigor and ignorance that is at the heart of who Josh is.


Zoltar is a coin operated fortune telling type machine that supposedly grants wishes. Young Josh Baskin discovers a Zoltar machine and wishes to be big. He wakes the next day as an adult. The Zoltar machine is based on an actual fortune telling arcade machine. To view links about the Zoltar machine and other related coin operated machines visit this site's Big link section.

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