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Breakfast Club

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Claire Standish "The Princess" played by Molly Ringwald

Claire is the group's princess. She is spending time in detention because she skipped school to go shopping. John Bender teases her about her earrings and all of her rich girl items which were bought by her father. Claire has a unique trick involving a stick of lipstick that entertains the group. By the film's end her would be teaser John Bender receives one of her earrings as a sign of "friendship."

Allison Reynolds "The Basketcase" played by Ally Sheedy

Allison is a misfit, she shows up for detention on Saturday because she had nothing better to do. She lies to her fellow detentionies when she says she is a nymphomaniac. She really is only a compulsive liar. Her lunch on detention day consists of a bizarre selection of pixie sticks sprinkled on bread among other things. The thing she says her parents do that bothers her most is that they ignore her.

John Bender "The Criminal" played by Judd Nelson

John Bender is a veteran of detention. He is often in trouble and often given time in detention. He is abused by his father, and a good Christmas at the old Bender residence involving nothing more than a carton of smoke. Bender finds Claire's complaining over her life to be trivial. Bender shares weed with the group and screams through the halls of school so that everyone can escape punishment from the Principal but him. A tough guy in the film, Bender reveals he is not so tough when the Principal offers him a free punch which he declines.

Andrew Clarke "The Athelete" played by Emilio Estevez

Andrew is a wrestler and a simple thinker. He has lived under the yoke of his father's idealogy for so long that it has started to rub off on him. To his father winning is everything. Andrew tapes a students butt cheeks together. He come sto realize that he thinks he dis this to try to impress his father. Andrew quarrels with John Bender and finds Allison's new look after a makeover to be fascinating.

Brian Johnson "The Brain" played by Anthony Michael Hall

Brian is the film's self professed geek. He is spending time in detention for a flare gun that went off in his locker. He brought it with him in an attempt to kill himself. His his straight A reputation was being ruined because he was failing shop and this drove him to want to kill himself. Brian writes the groups paper about their time in detention as Principal Vernon had asked them too. Brian's dad interestingly enough is the school's janitor.

Richard Vernon played by Paul Gleason

Mr. Vernon is the School's Principal that has to watch over detention students on Saturday which are known as the Breakfast Club. He takes a particular interest in tough guy John Bender whom he dares to throw a punch in one scene. Mr. Vernon is fearful for the future and even browses confidential files of students to try to alleviate his fears. He fears that in the future the future of America will be handled by misfits like he is watching over today.

Janitor Carl played by John Kapelos

This is the father of the brain of the film, Brian. He is the "eyes and ears" of the school as he puts it. When Carl spots the principal going through the confidential student files he offers to keep his mouth shut for a mere $20 dollars. Carl is an optimist that does not worry about the generation of kids that will be running the country shortly as much as Principal Vernon does.

Andrew's Father played by Ron Dean

Andrew's father has tried to instill in his son the notion that Andrew has to be number one. This guy according to Andrew is a tough guy that enjoys telling stories of all the crazy things he did growing up. Andrew tapes a kid's butt cheeks together in an attempt to impress his dad. When Andrew realizes why he did his misdeed he says that he hates his father.

Brians Mom and Sister played by Mercedes Hall and Mary Christian

These two drop off Brian on his day of detention. Brian's mom is played by the actors real life mom. His sister is just basically a tagalong fit into the scene and her character has no uniqueness.

Claire's Dad played by Tim Gamble

This guy drops off at the School on her day of detention. In the film we are lead to believe that he pampers his daughter and treats her like a little princess.

Bender's Dad

John Bender's dad is not depicted in the film. John tells that his father is abusive and beats him. Andrew thinks such a tale is just part of Bender's image. But after Bender tells how he got nothing but a carton of cigarettes for Christmas the story begins to make sense.

Larry Lester from PE

Larry is not depicted in the film, but he is the reason that Andrew is spending time in detention. Larry had his butt cheeks taped together by Andrew as part of an attempt to emulate some of the wild stuff his father said he always did in school. Andrew feels sorry that Larry will have to experience extreme shame when he tells his father what happened to him.

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