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Breakfast Club

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General Sites contains images, sounds, the complete script, character info, song lyrics, and an explanation of Bender's unfinished joke in the movie. offers cast and crew details, trivia, goofs, and links features quotes, small images, and sounds from the movie a review with trivia and some pictures from a 1980's fan site

Trivia features a collection of nitpicks or errors in continuity which are present in the movie. features a collection of slipups or errors featured in the film. features goofs from the movie as featured at the Internet Movie Database. contains a collection of mistakes written out and explained on a single page.

Quizes contains numerous quizes based on the movie with various difficulty levels. features 62 trivia questions for this film and their answers.

Image Galleries contains two pages of midsize images primarily of Bender from the film. a page of a few small images from the film.

Sounds a collection of sound files in wav format grouped by character and described textually. contains a few sound files in wav format and quotes of the dialogue textually. features sound files from the movie in wav format as well as sounds from other 80's "Bratpack" movies.

Quotes contains two pages of extended quotes of dialogue between characters in the movie. the speech that Emilio Estevez's character Andy gives about how he got into detention for taping Lary Lester's buns together. a collection of quotes including one by John Bender about how Claire will be fat one day.

Analysis an essay which analysis the characters and the historical perspectives they embody. contains a brief summary and a few details on the types of characters in the film.

Reviews Features links to 30 external review sites from the Internet Movie Database. Features links to 19 review sites courtesy of the Movie Review Query Engine

Message Boards and Guest Books a guestbook with fan entered entries relating to the movie. forum thread with quite a few posts about the movie and its characters and actors.

Fun and Miscellaneous a "Breakfast Club Ate My Balls" site featuring images from the movie and humorous dialogue captions. pictures of shooting locations used in the Breakfast Club and other movies directed by John Hughes. quiz for a restaurant called the Breakfast Club. info about radio's longest running network show called the Breakfast Club which ran from 1933 to 1968 and is unrelated to the movie.

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