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Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Considered by many to be the best alien abduction movie ever made. But looking at the film more deeply one sees that it has no basis found in any real world alien abductee tales such as the Fire in the Sky, Communion, and the Betty and Barney Hill Incident movie do. The movie presents a somewhat gentile taling of alien abduction. One man loses his daughter on one fateful day to a bright light in the sky. He lives his life wondering what became of his child; of his flesh and blood.

On one day he feels drawn to create a sculpture out of mashed potates of a mountain. He does not know why he does this or where this mountain is found in the world. But feeling drawn to do something, he travels to a place he feels he is meant to be. On top of a mountain surrounded by the best security in the world, the world's greatest secret is being kept. A rendevous is planned between an alien vessel and humans on the ground. This would be the world's first true documented Close Encounter of the Third Kind. Sound systems are being checked; it is believed that harmonic tones can be used as a universal form of greeting and communication.

Finally the day for the great meeting does arrive. A giant vessel circles above the moutain. On the mountain 5 tones are played in an attempt to illicit a response and a response does come. The alien vessel repeats the tones with glass shattering volume. The ship proceeds to land and human children and short aliens come out side by side. A moment of friendship is reached for the universe it seems. Forgotten is the nature of kidnapping that the aliens have inflicted on humanity. The movie has a very slow start, but the last 20 minutes create cinematic history. Most study and analyzation of the film focuses on the dramatic landing sequence, the musical tones, and the encounters.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind on a deeper level presents man as an ill bred sheep eager to assist his universal masters as long as a pschological sense of well being is endowed upon him. The movie is a more sophisticated retelling of ET and delievers more of a pschological sense of well being for the dull witted than it does any real meaning or purpose beyond the simplistic ones of "peace" and "brotherhood."

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