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Falling Down

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William Foster/D-Fens played by Michael Douglas

William is a former laid off defense worker. He remembers the good days when he had a good job and could take care of his family. His wife has divorced him and today is his daughter'r birthday. Foster decides to leave his car behind so he can go out in foot in search of a present for his daughter. Along the way he encounters a fascist, a begger, gang members, and various other colorful characters. His journey in a way is like that of Dorothy throughout the land of Oz, only without all the fluffy niceness. During his day of adventure he points out problems as he sees them, insists on breakfast, and deals with anyone that gets in his way.

Detective Prendergast played by Robert Duvall

This detective is scheduled to retire on the very day that William Foster decides to have his adventure in the city. Everyone tells Prendergast to take it easy but he insists on trying to apprehend Foster. At the movie's end he faces William Foster in a showdown. Foster is killed when he aims a water gun at Pendergast which is mistaken for a real gun.

Army Navy Surplus Owner played by Frederic Forrest

This is the film's fascistic character. When William Foster is being chased by the police and needs a place to hide this guy lets him hide out behind the curtains of his store. Afterwords he shows him all of his Nazi memorabilia, including his valued Zyclon B death gas container which was used to kills Jews. A confrontation ensues and William Foster proclaims the right to free speech, "the right to disagree." This didn't go over well with the army navy guy as he threatens to have the guy arrested. Foster fights back and stabs the guy with a knife before killing him and stealing a bazooka.

Give Me your Briefcase Man

This hoodlum meets up with the film's hero when he is resting at a rock covered in gang graphetti. Foster tries to leave and respect their meager territory thing but this guy asks Foster for his briefcase and then directs his butterfly knife at him to further persuade him. Foster agrees to give his briefcase up but instead of doing this he reaches for his baseball bat and whacks this guy and his friend until they run in fear. After his attackers are in fast retreat Foster yells "What about the briefcase, you forgot the briefcase" as a taunt to his former would be attackers. Later in the film Foster meets this guy again and retrieves bags of guns from him.

Rick the Manager of Whammyburger played by Brent Hinkley

This is the manager of Whammyburger. After the cashier Sheila can't convince William Foster that breakfast can no longer be served, this guy is brought into the fray. He reiterates the company's silly policy of not being able to serve breakfast a few minutes after the designated time and says sarcasically that he is really sorry. Mr Defense then shoots into the air and has Rick personally fix his food for him.

Sheila, a Cashier at Whammyburger played by Dedee Pfeiffer

Sheila is a friendly face at Whammyburger. When William Foster steps up to the plate she denies his breakfast request since its a bit past when they usually serve breakfast. She smiles and just doesen't realize how much her false friendliness makes William Foster even more angry.

Beth, William Foster's Ex Wife played by Barbara Hershey

This is William's ex-wife. She had a daughter with William in the past but divorced him after he became a little eccentric. She has a restraining order against her husband and is not happy when he calls and states he is coming home to bring a present for his little girl's birthday.

Mr. Lee The Korean Shop Owner played by Michael Paul Chan - this is the Korean owner of a local food store in a really rough neighborhood. William Foster's comes in the store in the hopes of getting change to use the phone. When he discovers he has to buy something to get change he buys a soda. When told the soda is 85 cents he thinks thats just too much and discusses how much money his country has given to Korea over the years. The storeowner gets frightened and reaches for a bat. After a little struggle William Foster decides to wreck the place a bit and roll back prices. On his way out William Foster pays 50 cents for a soda, retrieves his change, and keeps the bat he took from the owner.

The Begger - This guy follows William Foster around and tries to freeload. When they guy says he wants to know whats in Foster's bags Foster gives the man one of his bags and an apple. That of course is not what the guy wanted as he wanted money.

The Old Golf Player - this old man is playing golf on a large course with his friends. When he demands that William Foster leave he pulls a gun and sends this poor man into a heart attack. His golf cart goes down the hill into a lake along with his heart pills.

The Food Critic - this is the old woman that throws up after shots are fired at Whammy burger. William Foster proclaims to Rick the manager of Whammyburger that he thinks they have a critic.

Captain Yardley, Pendergast's Boss - He gives the obligatory speech about how Pendergast doesen't have to retire and he wishes for him to stay. Then off the record he states he doesen't trust or like Pendergast because he has never sweared in his presence.

The Female Cop, partner - this is Pendergast's partner who helps him track William Foster's movements through the city.

The Briefcase Man's Girlfriend - this is the girlfriend of the gangster that tried to rob William Foster of his briefcase. When interrogated by the police she exclaims that her boyfriend had lots of guns that are now in the hands for Foster.

The Candid Construction Worker - This poor guy is overseeing some construction work on a road that has caused a traffic pile up. William Foster shows the man his gun then insists that the man "Tell me there's nothing wrong with the road" to prove that the road was being dug up just to waste money so the construction company would get a larger government budget in the future for its work on the road.

The Anxious Driver - Douglas punches him in the face after he shouts one too many obscenities at other drivers

Mr. Phone - the guy that informs Douglas that others want to use the pay phone too. He has to watch as Douglas machine guns the phone booth and then states it's out of order.

The Bazooka Assistant - the young kid that gives detailed instructions in firing the bazooka weapon to William Foster.

The "Queers" - these two stop in the army navy store and are given a hard time by its owner, who shouts "Make your play" as he points a pistol at them.

The Not Economically Viable Man - this is the man that is out protesting in the street about the harsh economic times that have befallen him. He repeats again and again that he is not "economically viable"

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