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Without doubt the great actor George C Scott is best known for his role in Patton. In the movie, Patton was part historic warrior, part cowboy, and part hero. A healthy dose of swearing is thrown into the mix so that he doesen't have to repeat himself much. The film was a hollywood style documentary of General Patton an American Commander during WWII. The movie is in essence one memorable scene right after the other.

At the film's start Patton stands before a large billboard like American flag and welcomes the new recruits that he will be commanding on their missions in Europe. To Patton "War is not about dying for your country. It's about getting the other bastard to die for his country." So poetic but true, for after all, casulties do not win wars for they only lose nations. Patton proclaims that "We are going to kill these hun bastards by the bushell." The euphumistic words for the Germans such, as Huns and Krauts remind one of the classic Vietnam films where everyone had a colorful name for the enemy.

In the movie Patton stands tall and proud as his jeep travels the encampments of his troops. In fact he stands up within the jeep, with Ivory gripped pistols strapped to his hip. In one scene Patton visits a hospital and notices that the doctors are not wearing helmets. He is told that they can not use their stethoscopes if they wear helmets. He tells them to drill holes in their helmets so they can. Cowardice was unnaceptable to Patton. He threatens to shoot a soldier in the hospital for refusing to get to the front and fight. Ultimately he has to apologize for this feat before his men. He only wished to shame the man into a state of courage he proclaims.

From the snide comments, to the walk and dress, the movie really does symbolize the archetypical conquerer on the prowl. Motivated by a pride to reach his targets before British Commander "Monty" (Montgomery) he pushes his men to the limits. After the allies have won the war, Patton sees to the rebuilding of Germany in places. At one POW camp he notices that former SS troops are looking pathetic. He tells them that they are soldiers, and men and that they should show a bit more pride in their apperance. Within a few days, they are marching about within the camp as if they are ready for war. Patton jokes that with his army, and these SS that he could push the Russians all the way back to Moscow.

The film is one of speeches and of idealized greatness. Watching the film perhaps in many ways can help some to better realize the greatness within themselves. That is quite a legacy for any human creative endeaver to yield.

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