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Three O'Clock High

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Jerry Mitchell played by Casey Siemaszko

Jerry is a quiet academic type at school. He is talked into interviewing the new kid at school Buddy Revell. Jerry makes Buddy mad when he touches him and is told he will have to fight at three in the parking lot of school. Jerry tries to just drive home in his car but this has already been taken care of by Buddy. Jerry tries to hire someone to beat up Buddy but this doesen't work either. So finally Jerry faces his fear and particpates in the school's greatest fight at Three O'Clock.

Buddy Revell played by Richard Tyson

This is the new kid at High School. On the day of his arrival everyone talks about how bad Buddy is, and how many school's he got kicked out of before. It is known that Buddy hates to be touched but Jerry Mitchell decides to interview him for the school newspaper and makes the mistake of touching Buddy. Buddy declares at three o'clock that Jerry will have to fight Buddy for this mistake.

The Paid Protector

This is the guy that Jerry pays to try to get Buddy Revell of his back. The protector claims that his intervention will be quite easy but when he touches Buddy he too goes down. With a broken nose, Jerry lets the protector keep most of the money given to try to beat up Buddy. The money was stolen from the school store by Jerry though so this leaves Jerry in an even bigger mess.

Franny Perrins played by Anne Ryan

This is a strange spiritual type girl that keeps trying to convince Jerry to have sex. When Jerry's world seems to be going to end after school this is just what he needs.

The Betting Pool Guy

This guy informs Jerry that there is a betting pool to see how long Jerry can last in the fight with Buddy Revell. In a cocky fashion you can just see this guy doesen't think Jerry will do well in the fight.

Jerry's Sister Brei Mitchell played by Stacey Glick

Jerry's sister is one of the few people that Jerry shares his Buddy problem with. She tries to help him come up with ways to escape the situation but they don't work either.

Jerry's Newspaper Friend - this is that convinces Jerry that it is a good idea to try to interview the new kid Buddy Revell. After Jerry touches Buddy to try to make him feel at home at the school Buddy declares a big fight will occur between Jerry and himself at three in the parking lot of school.

The High School Principal - this is the guy that confronts Jerry about his having a switchblade knife which Jerry was only carrying to keep it a secret that Buddy had stabbed it through a sheet of paper in his locker as a reminder of the big fight that is scheduled for three.

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