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Good Morning Miss Bliss Characters

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At first glance the Saved by the Bell episodes with Miss Bliss appear odd. There is no Kelly, Slater, or Jessie in them and Zack does not seem to be the real focus of the show. The Miss Bliss episodes are the source of saved by the bell, and were originally shown on the Disney channel and known as Good Morning Miss Bliss. Zack, Screech, and Lisa are in them, as the other characters did not carry over into the new format of the show which was known as Saved by The Bell.

Miss Bliss played by Haley Mills

Miss Bliss is the focal point of the show. She is one of Zack's teachers. She is colorful, and one of the best teachers at her
school. She has a friend Tina that is somewhat ditsy and
who ultimately has to move in with her. Miss Bliss
even dates Zack's father briefly
Main Cast

Screech played by Dustin Diamond(curly hair brownish pants) continues on in the Bayside Episodes. More about Screech.

Zack played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar(holding envelope) serves as the focus point of all the action at school and will continue to be even more so the center of everything in the Bayside episodes. More about Zack.

Mikey played by Max Battimo(far right)Zack and Mikey almost get into a fight over a girl on one occasion

Nikki played by Heather Hopper(girl in blue jeans jacket) really only gets into trouble once on the show, when she refuses to disect a frog.

Lisa played by Lark Voorhies(far left) almost serves as a secondary character in the series, she will be more important in the later Bayside Episodes. More about Lisa.

Other Characters

Principal Mr Richard Belding played by Dennis Haskins - even before Bayside Mr Belding was right there with Zack

Tina played by Joan Ryan - Miss Bliss's silly friend that always seems to be having trouble and even has to move in with Miss Bliss.

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