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Note: all information about Celebrity items, production used prop/costume dealers, replicators, and general production/celebrity used memorabilia information is found in the Prop and Costume Collecting portions of this site.


All autograph related resources can be found in an extensive AUTOGRAPHS section


Beavers Plaque and Photo Store - Sells 8x10 photos and plaques of movie stars.

Movie Stills - Original vintage movie stills and lobby cards, stars and celebrity photos; also posters and movie
antiques. - Company that sells 11" X 14" matted prints of pressbook inserts from the Original Engraved
Plates. Over 8,000 titles

Press Kits Plus - Press kits from current and recent movies, TV shows, and music artists. Also sells slides and
other collectibles.

Still Things Photo store - Site primarily sells photos based on Sci-fi Television shows but features several photos
for sale from shows that are based on movies such as Planet of the Apes, and Star Trek. Can reproduce photos to
varying sizes.


*'s E-mail Newsletter - This site's movie e-newsletter providing news information about
collecting movie star wardrobe, Sci-fi spaceships, movie prop guns, unique movie replicas, & movie star and celebrity
items of all sorts including traditional movie memorabilia items.

MoPo (Movie Poster) Mailing List Home Page - MoPO is a mailing list about collecting movie
memorabilia, complete with hobby-related news and links

FCLS-Film Collectors List Server - A listserve for collectors of 8, 16, & 35mm film. List allows for an exchange
of information on how to care, store and collect film.

Film Collecting - A mailing list for collectors of 8mm, super8, 16mm, and 35mm films.

MOVIE SCRIPTS (copies) (downloadable }


Banned Films - Rare family oriented films and shows that have been banned suppressed and censored; available for purchase.

FCLS Film-Center - Collecting 8mm,16mm & 35mm film and information. How to care, store and collect film. Tips on projection and home theater. Also includes film sales/trades/auctions - Brand new 16mm and Super 8 films and supplies.

History in a Can - Home to the 8mm/Super8, 16mm and 35mm collectors forums. The site also features films for sale/trade/auction.

16mm films for sale - Internet's largest resource for out-of-print 16mm educational film titles

motion picture processing - Movielab reversal processing laboratory processes all of Kodaks line of reversal motion picture camera film stocks. Super8 and 16mm color and Black&White film stocks sold with developing included. Developing alone is available with same day service.


General Movie Poster Sites/Content Sites

*****'s info about movie posters used on screen in movies.*****
Info about prop movie posters seen on screen in movies themselves. online price guide of movie posters, message board and more sells custom Poster Frames

Matinee Today   - Presents a collection of film posters, ads, and magazine covers from Hollywood and beyond. Of particular interest are the rarely seen 3D movie posters. Classic Movie Posters & Photos - links to sources for posters and photos of classic films

African American Posters and History - This is a source for info about movie posters from historical black cast films. Exhibits, Film festivals and Lecture series are all detailed. - A selection of movie posters, as well as over 20,000 additional music, fine art, and sports posters and prints.

Attack of the 50 ft. Web Site - Large on-line gallery of Sci-Fi and Horror Posters from the 50's and 60's

Bruce Hershenson Vintage Movie Posters - Contains everything a collector needs to know about the vintage movie poster hobby. More than 600 free images of great vintage movie posters.

The Drew Movie Poster Page - An extensive collection of movie posters by the great Drew Struzan, with tons of images, a complete list of his work and lots of information about the artist.

Gallery of Surf Classics - an on-line gallery of classic surf movie posters and lobby cards from 60's surf movies

Greatest Films Film Posters - They're not for sale, but here are hundreds of colorful vintage film posters for viewing.

Handbill Paradise - The Hollywood Movie HANDBill (Mini-Poster) Database features images printed & promoted in Thailand.

Hollywood Cowboy - A Gallery of Vintage Western Movie Posters.

Motion Picture Arts Gallery - Website for the education, understanding and purchasing of motion picture art.

Movie Collector's World - Movie Collector's World is the leading twice-monthly newspaper for movie poster and memorabilia Collectors. The site also features periodic auctions and on-line collector-to-collector auctions.

Movie Poster Price Almanac on-line version - Almanac of movie poster prices taken from 10 years worth of auctions, catalogues, trade publication ads and internet sales. Movie Posters - 1000s of high-quality posters to view or send as electronic postcards.

One sheet movie poster design - Site offers an insider's look at what goes into movie poster design.

Poster Museum - Posters from all periods and of all types.

Rick's Movie Graphics - Over 15,000 movie posters on line! One of the world's largest collections of authentic movie memorabilia from the 20's through the most current releases, accessible via a searchable database.

Umberto Passini Online - Original Movie Posters - Site features info about poster collecting, links, and related books. This site offers acquisition services as well as posters and artwork for sale.

Vintage Poster Art - Site features preservation information and links as well as sells advertising/movie posters.

Vintage Western Movie Posters - Vintage western cowboy movie posters, rare prints and memorabilia. Investment quality art from the old west cowboys and cowgirls - John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and William Boyd.

Non US Released Posters

The Art of Poster - Collection of Polish posters 1900-2000.

Delordsmerchandise of the UK - England based dealer of music, sport and film merchandise. Posters, keyrings and flags. Free postage and packing in the UK.

Graphic Expectations - Sells British, American, and French posters including large French "rolled" posters.

Grimm Gallery - Site features on-line gallery of French movie posters, classic movie posters, and Afghanistan photos, which can be purchased

Hong Kong Posters - Posters from Hong Kong films featuring stars such as Jackie Chan,Jet Li,Sammo Hung,Donnie Yen,Michelle Yeoh,Chow Yun Fat,Iron Monkey,and Drunken Master 2

International Poster Dealer Trade Group - Site of the International Vintage Poster Dealer Association

Movie Posters R Us - Australian online store caters to popular posters.

Original Vintage Posters - Over 1,500 in Stock - Specializes in original vintage posters with a selection of over 1500 posters for sale primarily from Europe from the 1890s through the present.

Pix Poster Cellar - Seller of international movie posters.

Polish Poster Gallery - Original, award-winning Polish art posters, for sale directly from a large poster collector.

Posteritati Movie Posters Online Gallery - Dealer site offering posters from all over the world including Japan, East Germany, Russia, and Argenitna. Has on-line catalog with extensive search capabilities including by subject such as cars or space.

Postr Czar - A rare collection of movie posters from Russia, Poland and Eastern Europe.

Movie Poster Dealers - A selection of movie posters, as well as over 20,000 additional music, fine art, and sports posters and prints.

Arnold Movie Poster Company - Buys and sells old movie posters, lobby cards, stills (photos) and more. Features a wide variety of original posters covering the obscure to the well-known, but deals mostly with older posters.

Cinema Centers - Original vintage and contemporary movie posters. Serving the serious collector for over 29 years, shipping world wide.

Cinema City - sells posters as well as traditional movie collectibles

Cinemagic Classic Movie Posters - Cinemagic offers original posters and movie art from the 1930's to the 1980's. Also offers poster frames and lobby card portfolios.

Cineposters - Original one-sheets and classic reprints available for on-line purchase.

Class Act Posters - A broad variety of movie and television posters, with recent releases as well as an extensive collection of older posters.

Classic Cinema Movie Posters - Classic, Vintage, Silent Film, Western Film Posters, Lithography, Linen Backed, Paper Backed, Restoration.

Dr. Z Posters - Sells authentic and reproduction US movie posters with on-line catalog organized by genre,and title with gallery of images.

Granada Movie Posters - Original movie posters and lobby cards from around the world.

Hollywood Blockbusters - Movie posters and movie banners from Hollywood's newest and upcoming film blockbusters.

Hollywood Collectibles - Specializing in original movie posters and memorabilia.

Hollywood North - Hollywood North has original movie and TV memorabilia from current to classic, including posters,lobby cards,stills, press books and autographs.

Howzer's Movie Posters - Howzer's has a fantastic selection of new, vintage and hard to find movie memorabilia for sale.

Kiwi Posters & Scripts - woman owned business selling new and current movie posters and scripts

Movie Graphics - Large collection of movie posters from all over the world, any movie, any size, any price. Secure on-line ordering.

Movie, Music and Celebrity Posters & Photos - Movie, music, and celebrity posters for sale

Movie Poster Shop - 60,000 posters, prints, photos and much more.

The Movie Poster Warehouse - Posters from more than 7,000 movies.

Movie Posters - Specializes in highly collectible movie memorabilia and posters.

Movie Posters For Sale - Selection of a few movie posters at low prices.

Movie Posters for Sale - - Rare - Movie Posters from private collecting during the late 50's and early 60's. All orignal--only one of each.

Movie Posters Online! - Features on-line catalog of posters for sell by genre; Sci-fi, kiddie, action and more.

MTM Movie Memorabilia - Offers antique memorabilia movie posters with a speciality in Sci-fi, Star Wars, Star Trek and Horror movie posters.

PhotoWorld - Dealer with searchable on-line store selling movie and music posters, celebrity photos, and autographs.

Poster Source: Movie Posters, Music Posters and More - New and recent releases, all time favorites and more

Posteritati Posters - Dealer site featuring extensive on-line catalog search capabilities including by country, genre,and even by subject such as cars. - Site featuring an on-line catalog and on-line ordering for thousands of movie posters. Site also has an affiliate program.

Posterplanet - Features a great selection of Movie Posters, Celebrity Posters, TV Posters, and Music posters.

Posterville - On-line dealer of movie and music posters.

Push Posters

The Repro Man - Reproduction movie memorabilia - posters, lobby cards, t-shirts, photos, with some original merchandise.

Rick's Movie Graphics - Over 15,000 movie posters on line! One of the world's largest collections of authentic movie memorabilia from the 20's through the most current releases, accessible via a searchable database.

The Stars Come Out - Buy and sell vintage movie posters, lobby cards, and Australian daybills from 1930s to 1990s.

Urban Posters - Offers popular music posters, movie posters, sports posters, and art prints.

FILM SOUNDTRACKS - features extensive reviews of film scores and soundtracks and links to places to buy filmtracks new and old

MULTIMEDIA - developer of movie making and behind the scenes CD-ROM'S about a wide range of movie productions

MOVIE COLLECTIBLES BY GENRE Classic Univeral Monsters items, and horror collectibles in general

MOVIE MEMORABILIA COLLECTING MAGAZINES Movie Collectors World Magazine Publisher of Autograph Collector and Pop Culture Collecting Magazine, with highlights of their issues. Website of Classic Images magazine with information about film history, subscription info, and on-line reviews of film related books.

MORE site about collecting vintage move cameras and related items

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