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Ferris Bueller's Day Off

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Ferris Bueller played by Matthew Broderick

This is without doubt the star of the film. Ferris is the kid that gets whatever he wants through intelligence, knowing the system, and gagetry. He skips school to go on a day of adventure with his friends, sets up an elaborate computerized ploy to fool people into thinking he is sick in bed, and manages to outsmart a principal that wants to get him more than anything. Ferris talks his friend Cameron into borrowing his dad's Ferrari so that his girlfriend Sloane, Cameron, and himself can have something flashy to drive around town in. Matthew Broderick the actor that portrayed Ferris is also famous for roles in the movies Glory and Wargames.

Sloane Peterson played by Mia Sara

Sloane is Ferris' girlfriend. In the film Ferris gets her out of school by pretending to be her father. Sloane doesen't really do much in the film other than serve as eye candy. She has no great quotes, or dramatic actions, just a pretty face. She exists as a part of the man that is Ferris Bueller and no more. Ferris gives her the world and her identity in the film.

Cameron Frye played by Alan Ruck

Cameron is Ferris' best friend. Cameron has a hard time standing up to his father. Ferris wants to do somthing about this. By convincing Cameron to borrow his dad's Ferrari for a little joyriding he hopes to help his friend gain a little courage. When the car is returned it rolls down a hill and is totaled. Cameron isn't too mad though as he now will have to stand up to his father.

Jean 'Jeanie' Bueller played by Jennifer Grey

Jean is Ferris' sister, she is very jealous of her brother's ability to get out of going to school. She does cover for him a bit inspite of this. In the film's end she meets a boy at jail and that pretty much is the highlight of her day in comparision to Ferris' day of adventure.

Edward R. Rooney played by Jeffrey Jones

This is the Principal of Ferris' school. He has grown tired of watching Ferris skip school and cause other mischief without being able to catch him in the act. Mr. Rooney becomes desperate and even travels to Ferris' house to try to catch Ferris in the act of faking a sickness. In this adventure he loses his shoes in the mud and is chased by a dog.

Katie Bueller played by Cindy Pickett

This is Ferris' mother, she is unaware of her son's frequent skipping of school. Principal Rooney phones her to tell her about all of the skipping, but as they are talking Ferris alters the school's computer records so it appears that Ferris has not been skipping at all. Needless to say Katie has a fun time arguing with Mr. Rooney.

Grace the School Secretary played by Edie McClurg

Grace is the streotypical sweet school secretary that answers the phone and does other tasks for Principal Rooney. In short Grace is Rooney's personal assistant and lackey.

Garth The Criminal standing with Bueller's Sister at the Jail played by Charlie Sheen

Garth is a character that Jeanie Bueller meets after going to the police station in response to her claim that the school Principal who was sneaking about the house was a burglar. Charlie Sheen who played the thug in the prison scene also played with the actress playing Jeanie Bueller in the classic movie Red Dawn.

Simone Adamlee AKA the Explainer

Simone's major contribution to the film is her explanation of who she heard that Ferris Bueller is sick from. She explains without skipping a beat that "Um, he's sick. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious."

Other Students

Below are pictures of some of the students' from the Economics teacher's class. When Vodoo economics is being explained many of the students do different things to showcase their unique personalities. One of them blows bubbles, one of them looks mean, one of them winks, one of them bites his pen, and another just plain looks dumb.

Bubble Gum Girl

Killer Girl

The Winker

The Biter

Dumb Face

The Valets

These two fellows are the guys who are supposed to carefully park the Ferrari that Ferris' friend Cameron borrowed from his father. These valets are seen driving throughout the city at top speeds, jumping the car through the air before returning it to its unsuspecting owners.

Ferris' Dog, the Rottweiler

Ferris' dog has one major contribution to the film. That being to chase Principal Rooney after he loses his shoes and is covered in mud.

Ferris' Economics Teacher played by Ben Stein

This is one of Ferris' interesting teachers. In one of the film's characteristic moments, the teacher calls out Bueller many times before a student; Simone blurts out an unbelievable interconnected tale of how she heard that Ferris is sick. The teacher also enjoys talking about Vodoo Economics while his class glazes over in a variety of dull looks of stupor and boredom.

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