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Robocop 2 Characters

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Cain played by Tom Noonan

This is the leader of the crime organization that produces the drug known as Nuke that is spreading throughout Detroit as well as the rest of the world. Unlike the first film's villain Boddicker, Cain is calm and collected and plans his actions without emotion largely. He runs his organization along with his girl Angie and young kid Hob. When Cain is nearly killed after a battle with Robocop he is put off life support and forced into the new Robocop 2 development project. Cain's brain became the basis of Robocop 2 and the drug Nuke was the means to control him for OCP at least for a little while.

Mayor Marvin Kuzak played by Willard E. Pugh

This is the Mayor of Detroit City. His goverment owes so much money to OCP that it is in danger of defaulting on loans and losing control of the city. The Mayor hosts telethons on TV to try to raise money to save the city. Young criminal Hob offers to bail the city out and help the Mayor out. The Mayor delivers quite a few memorable one liners throughout he film including "That thing is a killer" as he points to the Robocop 2 during a presentation.

The Mayor's Assistant and Secret OCP Spy

This is one of the Mayor's aids. He is also a spy for OCP that reports the Mayor's every move. He Keeps OCP informed of the city's plans to avoid default. When Hob offers to bail out the city this spy goes with the Mayor to the rendevous point and ultimately OCP sends in their new Robocop 2 to try to kill the mayor and end the risk of a bail out for the city. Their spy is killed during the attack to try avoid any potential witnesses.

The Old Man played by Daniel O'Herlihy

This is the same head of OCP as was in the first movie. He schemes to foreclose on Detroit City and takeover when the city defaults on an outstanding loan they owe to OCP. He plans to use Robocop 2 to kill off the mayor and ensure that the city defaults. The Old Man even gets cozy with OCP's latest female scientist Dr. Juliette Faxx in the film.

A failed Robocop 2 Prototype

Building on the success of the original Robocop project, OCP tries via various prototypes to build successor models. They all seem to fail, one shots itself in the head, and another tries to take its own head off. All of the prototypes failed until a criminal brain is placed in a machine body in the final Robocop 2 model. It later runs amuck and kills a lot of people; not good for OCP's Stock price.

The Miranda Rights Corpse Guy

Afer Robocop is filled with a myriad of objectives that reduce his effectiveness as a cop he often does strange things. This guy seen in the picture is a guy Robocop reads Miranda rights too after he already is dead via a gunshot wound to the head.

One of Cain's Gang

This is a minor member of Cain's crew. He kind of looks like a cross between an Elvis immpersonator and a cast member of the Sopranos.

Robocop's Repairer Fix It Girl

This is a minor OCP technician in the film. She helps to fix Robocop after OCP programs a bunch of nonsense objectives into Robocop's to try to ensure he fails to be effective. Ultimately Robocp has to electricute himself via an electric fence to wipe the bad objectives from his programming.

Dr. Juliette Faxx played by Belinda Bauer

This is an enterprising scientist that works at OCP. She plans to create a successor to Robocop by implanting the brains of murderers and other criminals into the new machine. She chooses such candidates because they are the only once OCP can get access to for experimentation purposes. She gets really cozy with the Old Man at OCP to try to further her project. Ultimately she does create a Robocop 2 that used Cain's brain and his love of the drug Nuke to try to keep him in check. When Robocop 2 runs amuck, OCP executives begin hatching a scheme to blame everything on her exclusively.

OCP Robotic Scientist

This is an OCP scientist that has worked on various Robocop style prototypes. The thing he is known for in the film is telling Dr. Juliette Faxx that she is absolutely crazy to want to put the brains of murderers and other criminals into the next Robocop design.

Angie, Cain's Woman played by Galyn Görg

This is Cain's woman in the film. When Cain is believed to be dead she assumes a leadership role in the former criminal organization which is then head by Hob. When Cain returns as Robocop 2 Angie tries to sweet talk the machine based version of Cain but makes a fatal mistake when she brings up old times and states it will get some getting used to. At that point Robocop 2 promptly snaps her neck.

Robocop 2

This robotic monstrosity was created by OCP as a follow up project to the original succesful Robocop project. Robocop 2 is a robotic super sized machine with master criminal Cain's brain inside. A super sized Nuke drug container is used as an incentive to get Robocop 2 to do OCP's bidding for a while at least.

Officer Duffy played by Stephen Lee

This is a member of the Detroit police force that sells information about the police force to Cain and his criminal group. According to Robocop Duffy is a "rotten cop." Robocop beats him up badly in an gaming center filled with video arcade machines.

The Young Criminals

When the police force goes on strike in Detroit opportunistic criminals spring up in all shapes and forms. These young little leaguers are found stealing from an electronics store.

Sergeant Warren Reed played by Robert DoQui

This is the no nonsense Sergeant in charge of a Detroic City Police Precint. Since his police force is run under contract from the city goverment by OCP he has to deal with corporate superiors as well as the public. According to Sergeant Reed "Cops don't strike." He encourages his fellow police officers to not strike and continue their work to maintain the safety of the city but they strike anyway.

Donald Johnson played by Felton Perry

I don't know why but I just like this character. He doesen't do much besides tote the company line of OCP and brown nose the Old Man but he is likeable. When all hell is breaking loose via Robocop 2's rampage, its cool calm OCP executives like this that calculatingly anticipate how the news might affect OCP's stock price.

Nuke Scientist Frank played by Frank Miller - this is the Nuke Scientist that Cain calls by name a few times in the movie. The Nuke scientist is played by the film's script writer Frank Miller; a noted comic book writer.

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