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General Sarah Connor's Journal telling about the Terminator saga from Sarah Connor's point of view Terminator review, and gallery of images of the actor that played Sarah Connor's protector in the first film, Kyle Reese. Also contains information about other characters Michael Biehn has played. online copies of the Terminator movie scripts, images, and sounds "terminator ate my balls" page which paraodies the scenes of Terminator 2 downlodable images, sounds avi's including T2 3-D video clip, news terminator webring, image gallery from the movies, and links small Terminator page with links Mr T versus the Terminator parody site

Terminator 2 archive of downloadable images from Terminator 2 reviews of the Terminator 2 soundtrack photos and sound samples from Terminator 2

Terminator 3 fan produced script for Terminator 3 entitled Armageddon Upcoming movies preview and thoughts on Terminator 3

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