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**Also see essay about the Science of the Terminator Saga and Machine Technology

As Humanity progresses warfare has tended to move more and more away from the human combatants. Instead the battles have moved to the weapons or "machines" that each side wields. In the Terminator movies America extends this principal even further as humanoid machines and automated patrol crafts are used as the backbone of its defense forces. A vast computer network known as skynet is created to coordinate battlefield tactics. It is decided to place these "objective" machine in charge of nuclear weapons deployment as human leaders believe that humans could act with hast or with lack of reason in such important decisions.

However as time progresses the computer network skynet becomes "self aware" and sees the possibility of a new evolutionary age and the birth of a new order of intelligence; that of the machine. It launches nuclear missiles at America's enemies abroad as it knew that their retaliatory strike would destroy its human creators in America that are now trying desperately to unplug skynet and return human dominion over its processes.

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From the years 1997 to 2029 Skynet deploys machines of all sorts in its quest to eliminate human intelligence and spread the machine race and its digital perfection.

Its machines include aerial hunter Killers which patrol the skies with infrared sensors in search of humans hiding on the ground

Once spotted Ground based hunter killers or massive tank like machines are sent as well as platoons of humanoid machines called Terminators. These creations were designed for one purpose; to eliminate man.

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