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The Science of the Movies Essay

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Why Can't the T-1000's Technology be Scientifically Possible?

To answer this question one has to break down what all the T-1000 can do.

1. The T-1000 can reproduce 3-Dimensional images of things it physically samples

2. The T-1000 when damaged or converted to a liquid structure will revert to a default form and seems to be able to "cellularly" reconstruct or heal itself while retaining its memory.

3. The T-1000 can alter its internal temperature very rapidly to vary between a liquid metal, or solid metal form at will.

4. The T-1000 can recombine 3-Dimensional data from multiple things it has sampled and present them as a single unified form.

5. The T-1000 can simulate various densities, structures, and materials.

6 The T-1000 apears to be using a chemical or fusion based form of energy.

The T-1000 can reproduce 3-Dimensional images of things it physically samples. In short it can reproduce in 3-D similar to how photographs can reproduce copies of what they sample in 2-D. This in itself would require a machine of many parts capable of somehow sensing the composition and shapes of other things either by electrical activity, reflective ability, or some other attribute. In short as a copier reproduces a pixel by pixel or dot by dot reproduction of something to be printed on paper, the T-1000 would have to somehow interact with a structure at some predetermined level of size. To do this with some accuracy as a black and white recreation of an original would prove difficult. To recreate in color with characteristics of a given subject such as heavy footsteps for a fater guy would not be possible. If the T-1000 has a certain mass and weight it would have to weigh the same if it changed forms unless it lost something. So turning from a thin form into a fat one would result in the fat form being less dense than the original and not more, hence the heavy footsteps of a larger cop subject could not happen unless the T-1000 stepped down harder or accomodated for illogical mass constitutions for the subjects it replicated. All of the speculations would require and incredible amount of processing power to attempt for even the most basic of functions.

The T-1000 when damaged or converted to a liquid structure will revert to a default form and seems to be able to "cellularly" reconstruct itself. If damaged the T-1000 returns as it was in the beginning as initially programmed. To do this the T-1000 would probably lose data acquired sense it was first programmed. To store information technologically a structure is usually altered either by magnetisum or by chemical or physical force. The altered form allows for a means to store data; ie a magnetic harddrive alters itself so that data can be accessed according to where the drive has been selectively changed which will cause a different response or read when placed in the presence of a magnetic field. A CD-ROM stores data by running a laser beam over a disc and sensing for microscopic areas where the disc has been altered from how it normally would be. The alterations are done acording to a pattern which can be used to determine data. Data is stored chemically by living creatures, if a human walks under a giant magnet they won't erase their brains, but if you hit the chemical structures or brains storing the information the data can be lost. The T-1000 seems to store data in a way quite different from magnetic techniques, chemical brain cells, and optical CD's in the the T-1000 can be burned, froze, and shot into millions of pieces and still retain its data. This makes it appear the T-1000's memory system is more than just a collection of superconducting materials In short it would have the ability to store things on a molecular level. This alone exceeds the memory capability of all life forms, as the cells of living creatures are composed of more than just single molecules.

At first glance changing from solid to liquid forms and varying internal heat levels would seem simple enough. But upon closer inspection one realizes that if the T-1000 is composed of a single type of material that it would prove very difficult to have certain parts at the temperature to be liquid and the rest at the temperature to be solids. In short the T-1000 appears to be able to micromanage its internal termperature to the level of molecules. No living or nonliving thing can do this.

When the T-1000 exists in its default form it draws from several things it has sampled including parts of a police uniform, from the cop he killed at the beginning of the movie. The T-1000 can exhibit the properties of many separate materials at once and control them as if they were one. In short the T-1000 can mimic the reflective properties of human flesh, as well as the thickness, and other properties of its constructed uniform. This is clearly not possible if the material being used to contruct all of the T-1000 forms is just a static metallic liquid.

What sort of energy system could allow a T-1000 type machine to exist. Well a simple battery or even a collection of chemical batteries would prove insufficient. For the control of its body, and ability to micromanage its structures, fusion seems logical as a power source. A nuclear powered "machine" with the ability to convert one type of atom into another by fission or fusion would provide the technology to simulate mimacry of its environmennt to the level the T-1000 can. The only problem with such a form of energy is that it would generate much heat and would require a far greater mass most likely just as stars are quite massive the T-1000 would have to be massive for this to work.

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