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In the future prisons are more automated, unauthorized reproduction is a crime, and frankly civilization is composed of a series of fortresses. In this film a newly arrived prisoner joins the regulars in one of the most sophisticated prison complexes in the world. Within each prisoner an explosive device is placed which will detonate should a prisoner move beyond where they are authorized to be. In addition thoughts are monitored, and secret experiments are underway. Naturally such is to be expected of a great fortress though isn't it?

This film while not very famous, and not produced on a large budget delievers true excitement and adventure of a most unusual sort. Every prison has its specialists, the inmates that can do things that no others can. This one is no different. With the aid of a prisoner with tech knowledge the explosives within the body are removed. One is removed quite painfully from a rather large prisoner, in a scene that truly has to be seen. The cursing and body gestures make for quite an interesting "cinematic experience."

Eventually a prison escape is attempted. Robotic guards are mobilized and appear almost everywhere at once. Guns are torn off of these robots and are used to help our "heros" escape. Fortress is a film with the humor of the Shawshank Redemption movie and the action of the Terminator. Its highly recommended as very few have ever seen it.

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