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The Mummy

On an expedition deep within the Egypt, in places never before uncovered in thousands of years a great terror is about to be unleashed. In the film research archaeologists unleash the mummy, an empowered evil spirit that was mummified alive long ago because of his misdeeds with the Pharoah's wife. The mummy seeks to fill various ceremonial jars with human organs so that he can rebuild his body and become invincible to anything of this world.

The hero of the film is played by the guy that was the hip caveman in Encino Man. One would think it would be hard to take this actor seriously in this role, but it wasn't in the least. From swarms of flesh eating bugs to booby traps and human slave soldiers, the mummy embattles the world and nearly succeds in conquering it.

An ancient book from the past ultimately takes away the power of the mummy and sends him on his way to the Netherworld. The gholish apperance of the Mummy reminds one of the demonic apperance of the villain in the Wishmaster movie. The movie is in a way a mesh between Indiana Jones and the multiparted Ducktales cartoon movies that searched for riches. By mixing humor and adventure, an epic is born.

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