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Amos and Andrew

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On one small island a new man has moved into town. He is a famed author named Andrew Sterling. His neighbors believe a thief has broken in next door when they see Andrew, a black man walking about inside his own home. They call the police, and a tremendous force appears outside. They fire into the house and at first, Andrew actually calls the police himself stating that he is under attack by someone. The police realize their mistake. A sly police chief blackmails a convict into secretly going into Andrew's house to make the whole thing to appear to be the work of a lone criminal.

The criminal is Amos, and he quickly gains control of the situation. He even moves Andrew and himself next door to the neighbors house and orders a pizza. A girl arrives to deliver the pizza, and not one police officer is outside. On TV, helicopters can be seen flying by to the other house that Andrew and Amos have now left. Its really quite humorous. The neighbors that are in the house they are now at, were the same ones that called the police originally claiming Andrew had broken into a house. Amos and Andrew ultimately become friends.

Meanwhile at the other house, one police officer becomes ancy and sneaks into the house he believes Andrew is in. Just moments later all of his police buddies storm the house and bring him down stairs. The police chief at first exclaims "Tony" the officers name but then insists its the convict Amos because at this point a media circus awaited him outside. Could he really admit that he captured one of his own men? He didn't think so.

The police chief is later captured and tied up. A crises control officer talks him to death about childhood problems. He thinks he is talking to the convict Amos after all. In the end Andrew and Amos make it out alive and try to make a new life for themselves. The movie has one unbelieveable thing right after the other. This makes for a unique brand of humor.



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