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The Toy

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Toys can come in all shapes and sizes. To one boy, the best toy in the world is his friend Jack which his father "buys" for him. Jack plays war, and can do anything that no regular toy ever could. Jack is played by Richard Pryer. Jack helps the boy play jokes on the housekeepers of his father's giant mansion. It seems that the boy had never really been given any time with his son.

At the movie's beginning Jack (Richard Pryor) is working as a maid for a rich toy store mongul (Jackie Gleeson). Pryor dresses up as a woman and pretends to be a maid at the rich man's dinner but is easily caught and fired. Next Jack gets a job in a department store where all he does is try out all the toys. One day a young boy, the wealthy guys son is promised anything he wants in order to try to keep him happy and shut him up. The boy finds Jack in the toystore and says he wants him. His father promptly offers to buy Jack. Jack states that he isn't for sale but ultimately is bought in essence as a plaything for the son.

Jack and the boy play air hockey and enjoy games of submarine warfare. Jack shows the boy that friends are valuable things that can not be bought and should be treasured. After the boy treats Jack particularly badly, Jack locks him in a closet as punishment.

By the movies end, Jack reunites the boy with his father and brings them closer than they ever had been before. It seems that even a rich old man and his son can learn about what truly is valuable in the world which is friendship.



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