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As a kid everyone fantasizes about anything and everything. Rather its cowboys and Indians, or cops and robbers, everyone pretends and day dreams about heroics and adventure. In the movie Goonies both imagination and courage are embraced by a team of youthful adventurers.

The movie begins with two convict brothers getting out of prison. They quickly reunite with their crazy mother and their other brother who is somewhat freaky looking. The criminal family acts in many ways like the Beagle Boys family from Ducktales. The family finds an abandoned restaurant and hides out there.

While this is happening, a neighborhood is about to be foreclosed on by a rich developer who seems bent on acquring everyone's home and throwing everyone out onto the street.A team of teenage adventurers discover a map in an attic that they believe will lead them to great treasure. With it they hope they can prevent their families from losing their homes.

The map leads them to the very resturant the criminal family is hiding out at. While following the path set forth in the map they embark on a great adventure into the Earth and to a vast complex of treasure and intrigue. They are followed by the criminal family of course which aims is to follow them to the treasure and then steal it from the little kids.

Pirates of long ago had set up booby traps of all sorts to stop any that would seek their treasure years later. The traps and secret passagesways were legendary in the film. When many think of booby traps today they either think of the type seen in the Indiana Jones movies or the type seen in Goonies.

Finally the teenage adventureres find their way to a great pirate ship and treasure that lay hidden beneath the ground for hundreds of years. It appears that the teens will be forced to give up the loot and perhaps even their lives as the crooks have them cornered. But the freaky looking member of the criminal family that was always kept away from the world comes to the resuce. Dressed as a pirate with a patch he saves the day.

The cast of teenage adventurers includes an asian geeky kid, a fat kid named Chunky, and an outspoken leader type that often says the word One Eyed Willie which is the pirate whose treasure they seek. Pitting the teenagers against a bossy mamma (Same actress from Throw Mama from the Train) and her imbecile sons makes for interesting comedy. The mentally challenged freaky son serves as a representative of the monster in the closet who decides to be good in spite of his environment. This was intended as a kidde flick so the stab at a moral message is understandable.

In spite of the target audience the movie has found a place in the hearts of kids of all ages and walks of life. Goonies was a movie of the 80's with traps, and forts. Such were hallmarks of the 80's and how boys used to "play war." The movie ends with the adventurers finding the treasure necessary to prevent the loss of their homes. Wealth, fame, forture, and an adventure that would always be remembered was a thing carried away by each of the characters in the film.

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