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The Princess Bride

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This is a fantasy movie that few saw at the theator when it originally was released; but almost everyone has seen it at home on television at least once. The movie is about a man who took the title of the dreaded pirate Roberts from a previous pirate and roamed the seas for many years. Eventually he too grew tired of the adventures and became more of an instrument for good.

He meets a princess and encounters a wild but yet wonderous adventure through a forest of poison gas, fighting his way through countless foes of the local king. He even fights a giant of a man played by Andre the Giant. The two fight "civilized" as the giant puts down a rock aimed at the hero, and the hero put down his sword. Then it was time for hand to hand antics. The giant it seems was at a disadvantage because he had never fought just one man in so long; he always fought five or more men at a time it seems. After getting the giant in a choke hold, finally the giant falls unconcious.

The hero next encounters a man of wits and has to beat him in a game of wits. Two glasses lay before the men and they each drink from one of them. It is belived that just one is poisoned. But in the end the challenger discovers that both were poisoned and the hero had built up a resistance to the poison so the adventure proceeds.

The princess is scheduled to be married to a vicious king. In the end the giant from a previous battle and another man who seeks one of the king's henchmen who has 6 fingers join him in his quest. The Princess soon learns that the hero that seeks her who was the dreaded Pirate Roberts briefly was also one of her servants many years ago named Wesley. This becomes apparent when he yells "As You Wish" as he rolls down a hill.

The movie features swordsplay, humor, and adventure. But most of all the film features characters that enter into the mind and can never be forgotten. From the man with 6 fingers, to the giant, and the swordsman that aims to revenge his fathers death; the movie truly has a creative cast of characters.


Action: Adventure

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