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Romancing the Stone

Romance writer Joan Wilder has always wrote adventures with heros and heroines. But now it is her turn to experience romance and adventure. Her sister mails her a valuable stone and then she is kidnapped. Joan is told that she must give up the stone if she ever wishes to see her sister again. She attempts to travel to the place where an exchange will be made, but somehow manages to get lost in the jungle on the way.

In the Jungle she meets Jack, a man of adventure that seems right out of one of her novels. Jack agrees to guide her to her destination for a fee. At one point Jack and Joan wander into a small town and ask for help. No one seems eager to help them at all, until they recognize Joan as the one whose novels they are read often. They are then lead to the richest man in the town, who actually owns an automobile.

In the automobile Joan and Jack travel the rest of the way to their destination. In the movies end, a crocodile eats the hand off the man who stole the stone the movie centers on. By so doing it swallowed the stone. Jack is torn between saving Joan and retrieving the stone. Ultimately he decides to save Joan first.

The movie presents a unique brand of romantic adventure that has seldom been emulated well. The movie was followed by a sequel The Jewel of the Nile but it was not nearly a succesful as the first movie. The movie pairs Michael Douglas with Kathleen Turner. In addition Danny Devito plays an irritating tag along character that bothers the lead characters throughout the movie.

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Romancing the Stone Movie

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