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Meet Joe Black

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Imagine if the grim reaper appeared personally to help dying people settle the little details of life that need to be handled before dying. In Meet Joe Black, death is represented by a single man, who can take any bodily form. Rather than take life away for sport, he delights in the experiences that can be shared by those short on time but long on experience. Joe Black is played by Brad Pitt. He enters into the lives of one family in a way that will change them forever. Anthony Hopkins plays a dying man of wealth that Joe Black wishes to understand and learn from.

Joe Black took the body of a man that his daughter had encountered before. He grows closer to her, and learns about the little things in life that being "death" does not allow him to know. He learns of peanut butter, and board meetings. In the end Joe Black takes the life of a father but not in a spiteful way; in a timely way. A compassionate grim reaper is the essence of Joe Black. What if the personification of death just wished to learn from life? That is a question explored by the film in many ways. From the previews of the movie it is not possible to know just what this movie is about. Brad Pitt plays the personification of death, rather than the suave romancer the film portrays in its previews. This makes for an interesting movie going surprise for viewers..



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