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The Fabulous Foursome
Elaine Benis
The Sponge girl that believes in
abortion, and who dates an ever changing cast of boyfriends.
Jerry Seinfeld
The stand up comedian
who's real life is funnier than any standup skit
George Costanza
The short, bald man, that aspires to be an architect and is obsessed with sex.
Cosmo Kramer
The tall lanky fool that always has some scheme in motion.

Other Characters

George's Girlfriends
Including Susan, the George Hater, Marisa Tomei, the Convict, and more
Elaine's Boyfriends
Including David Puddy, the Whiz, the Got No Green Lantern, and more
Jerry's Girlfriends
Including the Virgin, the toy collector, the tractor story girl, and more
Other Characters
Including Newman, the Soup Nazi, Jackie Chiles, the Bubble Boy, and more.

Essays and Themes about the Show

Why "Nothing" is interesting.
Seinfeld is the show about nothing so just what is "nothing" and why is nothing so interesting.
Plot lines that twist, turn, then converge.
By the final scene of each episode a series of separate plots and capers comes together via an ending of irony and unlikely scenarios.
How the characters complement each other.
George, and Jerry act as big childlike friends, Elaine serves as their female acquaintaince, and Kramer serves as the scheme maker that often brings them all together.
The Settings
A show about nothing is composed largely of settings which are totally ordinary at least on the surface.
The Jerry/Newman rivalry
Just why do they hate each other so much and how do they always manage to be around each other.
From villains, to music, Superman is never far from being mentioned
Terms from the Show
Covering the shows unique vocabulary such as low talker, anti-dentite, festivus, closing the vault, spongeworthy, and
References to Movies
Covers obscure movie references used during the show for movies like Last of the Mohicans, Star Trek, The English Patient, and more..

Episode Guide, Links, and Merchandise


Scripts, and


Detailed Season
by Season episode guide to
the show.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

Season 8

Season 9


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Favorite Episodes
Includes really detailed plot summaries from memorable episodes all on one page including:

The Deal - Jerry and Elaine create a deal with rules so that they can remain friends and still enjoy the pleasures of sleeping together.
The Contest -
The gang bet among themselves to see who can go the longest without masterbation.
The Switch
- George and Jerry try to pull off a roommate switch in which Jerry's current girlfriend can be replaced with her roommate.
The Fixup
- Jerry and Elaine plan a blind date between George and one of Elaine's friends.
The Rye Bread
- George gives his girlfriends' parents a rye bread which is taken and has to be resneaked into their home.
The Junior Mint
- Jerry can't remember his girlfriends name and Kramer hurls a junior mint into a patient undergoing surgery.
The Red Dot
- George buys a cashemere sweater with a red dot on it which brings trouble.
The Subway
- the gang goes their separate ways for adventure after a ride on the subway.
The Parking Garage
- the gang loses their car and George and Jerry get caught urinating.
The Movie -
the gang plans to watch a movie together and of course has trouble.
The Airport
- Jerry enjoys traveling first class while Elaine travels in coach.
The Barber
- Jerry's barber gives Jerry a bad haircut so Jerry goes elsewhere.
The Conversion
- George tries to change religions to get a girl.
The Fusilli Jerry
- Kramer gets Assman vanity plates and makes a statue for Jerry.
The Race
- a childhood friend challenges Jerry to a race Jerry cheated to win before.
The Burning
- Kramer pretends to have diseases while Jerry dates the tractor story girl.
The Jimmy -
Elaine meets someone that refers to himself in the 3rd person.
The Sponge
- Elaine scours the city in search of the sponge her favorite birth control method
The Package
- Jerry uses mail fraud to get money on something he didn't want.
The Little Jerry -
Kramer buys a rooster that cock fights for Jerry's honor.
The Yada Yada
- Elaine invents a way to move stories along, the Yadda Yadda.
The Muffin Tops
- A shop of muffin tops has to dispose of the muffin bottoms via a cleaner.
The Maid
- Jerry hires a new maid that does more than clean house for money.

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