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Seven Years in Tibet

During the beginning of World War II a man wishes to climb one of the highest mountain peaks in the world and leaves behind his wife and unborn child so that this feat may be attempted. This climber is played by Brad Pitt. While in British occupied territory he is placed under arrest in a POW camp along with his fellow climbers because of their roots in Austria, an ally of the Germans.

Brad Pitt attempts escape after escape, and becomes the camp's so called escape attempt hero. On his first day of capture he even attempts to jump off the back of the truck he is on and run for the hills. He is recaptured within minutes but this just illustrates the resolve of his determination. Several camp members plan a great escape and ask for Brad Pitt's help since he is an expert through experience on the subject of prision escape attempts. The prison camp members dress in British military uniforms and native population garb and head for the gates as if they know what they are doing. All but Brad Pitt and one man whom he climbed with before are quickly recaptured.

As the movie proceeds Brad Pitt writes letter after letter to his son whom he has never met. Brad Pitt and his fellow traveling companion make their way to Tibet, a province near China. Brad meets the Dali Llama or the great religious leader of the Tibetan people. A first aid instruction set serves as "special papers" to meet the Dali Llama by these travelers, as the population of Tibet largely can not read. Brad spends much time with the young Dali Llama and shares about his culture and his life. He builds a movie house for the young Dali Llama so that movies can be seen. This project proved interesting as Tibetan religion forbids the harming of any living creatures. When worms are found each must then be carefully handplaced into a new home after digging unearths them.

Ultimately World War II ends and Brad Pitt's character plans to go to his wife and visit his child. This enthusiasm builds within him until he receives a letter of rejection from his son, stating that he is not the child's father. As one great war ends, another it begins it seems, as China begins to make demands for the surrender of Tibetan soveriengty. Equipped with antiquated weapons, and few mortars, the Chinese ultimately mow down Tibetan freedom fighters with great ease. Their march for Tibet's capital proceeds without pause. It appears that Tibetan gureilla's can hold the mountain passes near Tibets capital for many months. That was a possibility until a trusted leader destroys all the country's gunpowder stores in the interests of a "peaceful resolve" to their Chinese situation. Tibet is promptly occupied, and Chinese troops occupy the once joyful cities of Tibet.

Brad Pitt ultimately travels to meet his son, even for just a moment. He gives him a music box given to him by the Dali Llama. The movie featured incredible acting by Brad Pitt, as well as a rather interesting Austrian accent for words such as "Himalayas." One has to see the movie to fully grasp the humor of the careful accentuation of words. Seven Years in Tibet shows a man pursuing his dream of climbing the highest mountain, and living life to its fullest. The movie is rather long but presents a storyline that makes the running time for this great saga appear short rather than long.

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