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In life there often are those who do not fit in with the norms of society. Such ways of their existance could be a testament to their uniqness or rather to the solitude of their existances. In Powder the existance of one human being is both a testatment to uniqueness as well as the quiets of solitude.

Covered in white, in albinoish tint, teased by all, there exists one who can share understanding and power with the world. He shows a hunter the pain he inflicts on a deer by touching the deer and then having the hunter touch him. Electrical powers, the ability to move spoons, such are showcases of power, that this being seeks to minimize. In one scene all the forks and spoons from a lunch room are stuck together as if by magic.

At the end of the movie this white being clad in mystique, not understood, and always alone, looks to the sky. He then vanishes like a streak of energy, spread everywhere in the world, but yet no where. The movie speaks to those who are different; those who seek what others will not ever wish to find. Understanding, enlightenment, even oneness with the universe, to some these are scary things. To powder they are the ways of his world.

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