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Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting is the film that truly launched Matt Damon's career. In one of the most elite schools of science and mathematics in the world, the greatest intellectual prowise is found not in the faculty or students, but rather in the school's janitor. The film illustrates the power that an individual's mind can have and weld when it is not formed solely via institutional learning and does not exist solely as a thing backed by some paper or degree.

The janitor of the film Will Hunting discovers a math question posted in the school as part of a challenge contest for the school's "elite" minds. Will solves the puzzle during his time cleaning toilets. His mental abilities become evident to one of the school's professors who then seeks to realize his own sense of glory through Will; with Will's mind helping him to fullfill the mysteries of life that he could never understand. Will realizes this and grows tired of the "academic chores" the teacher wishes him to do.

Some of the greater moments of the movie occur when Will is talked into going to a pychologist played by Robin Williams. Will uses reason and his vast self taught vault of knowledge to interprete the psychologist and his efforts. Will at one point proclaims that there is no point to the library in the pschologists office because he has the wrong books. More experts can never suffice for truth or wisdom and this film illustrates this thinking to a tea. With time his sessions with this "psychologist" become productive as defenses are lowered.

Will learns the power of human emotions; that which can not be so easily rationalized, reasoned or deduced from reading or thinking. The power of experience serves as quite a lesson in this film. The film ends with Will going to try to rendevous with his former girlfriend which he dumped largely because of his past experiences with people, and his fear of being close to others.

Intelligence can isolate individuals in such a way. Good Will Hunting is not a fantasy movie of the dumb "Forest Gump" character becoming the genuis. The movie instead speaks to people as they are rather than as we seek to see them. Within everyone their lies a potential genuis just waiting to have their talents realized, discovered or enjoyed.

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