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One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

This is a movie about assylums, insanity, stupidity and humor. Jack Nicholson plays a character that has been sentenced to a term of confinement (until he his deemd better) to a psychiatric ward. It was either this or prison, so the former was chosen naturally. The patients of the mental institute primarily volunteered to be there. This seemed extremely odd at first. But as the film progresses one sees the effects that conditioning over a period of time can have on people.

In one particulary memorable scene Nicholson's character says "I'll show them just how easy it is." Then he proceeds to have a larger man boost him over the walls of "his prison." Everyone else was boosted over as well. A regular old night on the town for a bunch of loonies as lead by the film's hero followed. Ultimately they are caught while on a fishing boat and forced back to their loveable home.

Nothing that Nicholson can do is enough for the staff on the mental institutue. He is even administered electro shock therapy to try and help his "attitude." He comes back into a patient meeting after this with a slow dull witted look and walk, and twitches all over. Everyone thought this would be the end of the man as they know him. But then he jumps up and smiles. The whole thing was quite a hoot to him.

Nicholson in one scene wanted to watch the world series, but was denied the privaledge. In response he pretends to be watching in front of a blank tv screen. In the end another electro shock therapy session is given to ole "Jack" He does not fare so well after this. A larger friend from the institute kills him out of mercy and then lifts up a sink and hurls it at a window. Then he dashes for freedom as Jack had planned to earlier before getting caught and punished. The film is filled with humor until the tragic demise of the film's star at the end.

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